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►Nothing is as sexy as the revolutionary struggle for the liberation of humanity [FoC.12.9.23]

Posted by The Deep Time Ranger on October 4, 2012

Do these photos exploit women?  They do.  Let’s admit it.  (The exploitation, however, tends to be for a good cause)

(Most photos here are from Femen which, according to wikipedia, is “a feminist Ukrainian protest group” which “became internationally known for organizing topless protests against sex tourists, religious institutions, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international topics.”)

Feman, as an organization, may have many of the problems associated
with their kinds of politics (ie: for political rights, against
various forms of oppression, and with support from a section of social
democracy).  Overall, their work is useful, but some of their positions
and tactics appear to have problems.

But, what is of greatest interest to me is not the weaknesses of
their politics, but what we can learn from their work concerning
how open sexuality will, in the period ahead, increasingly be
used to attract attention to political movements in a period in
which the media landscape is undergoing an extremely rapid
evolution and a large number of independent projects are fighting
within an “attention economy”.

The bourgeoisie, of course, uses sexuality in its culture in
innumerable ways.  And the culture of the bourgeoisie, which bombards
us 24×7, even in our dreams, is aimed at keeping us unconscious:
unable to think, unable to understand that the world we want and need
is not only possible–but inevitable, and that we must wake up and
grab it.  And the revolutionary movement, as the class movement of 
the proletariat, will also, inevitably, make skillful use of sexuality,
as part of its efforts to grab the attention of the working class and
oppressed.  And when the proletariat takes up this cause, it will do so
far more openly, and with far less hypocrisy, than the bourgeoisie.

Readers!  — Don’t delay! — Your thoughts on this question are needed today!


How much work does this article need to be good enough for the upper blog?  Probably a lot:

  • It needs a better description of Femen, what it is and its strengths and weaknesses
  • Similar examples (ie: the famous Joan Baez poster from the 1960’s, see below)
  • More comments, to provide context

According to David Frum:  “The poster sought to counter the fear that draft resistance was unmanly by promising draft resisters the traditional rewards of the warrior: the, um, attentions of beautiful and admiring females.”  Proceeds from the poster sales went towards draft resistance.  Link:

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