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► Latuff against the brutal repression by SCAF in Egypt – [FoC.13.07.28]

Posted by Ben Seattle on July 28, 2013

Carlos Latuff has emerged as the movement’s cartoonist in this century.
His cartoons, against dictators and oppression around the world have
been powerful and, with relatively few exceptions, remarkably consistent.

One of Latuff’s recent cartoons on Egypt (see below) helps to sum up
the complex situation there–where the military authorities (ie: the
Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF) murdered in cold blood
more than a hundred supporters of the ousted president Morsi (of the
Muslim Brotherhood, or MB) for the “crime” of staging massive and
largely peaceful sit-ins.

Make no mistake: Morsi is quite the reactionary himself, but the
liberals in Egypt who are supporting this brutal repression are
playing into the hands of the biggest enemy of the Egyptian people.
The tactic of shooting large numbers of protesters in broad daylight
will inevitably end up being used against progressive activists.

— Ben Seattle

Egypt: How SCAF Manipulated its Adversaries –

More from “The Guardian”:

On Friday hundreds of thousands of anti-Morsi protesters turned out in support of a call by Egypt’s army chief, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, for a crackdown on what he called terrorists – a move sceptics saw as a veiled threat to protesters at Rabaa.


Below I have posted just a few of the hundreds of cartoons that Latuff has created on a near daily basis–Ben

Civil War in Syria









231094287 229486256


More_troops_for_Afghanistan_by_Latuff2 Afghan_proverb_by_Latuff2

Other recent




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