Fragments Of Comprehension

(semi-internal) Our consciousness and humility must reflect, refine and redeem every scattered fragment of the material world

► … 123 Words of Power … and Now … the Tension Builds … – [FoC.13.07.13]

Posted by Ben Seattle on July 13, 2013

… 123 words of power … and now the tension builds …

Hi Eric,

In Ben’s comments he lays out what he believes
are the Four most decisive areas of work.

Do you agree or disagree?

If you disagree, what are the most decisive areas of work?


I agree with Ben that this is his most important question
to you.

I also agree with Ben that based on Phil’s comments that
forces do not exist to create a news service–you should
clarify your position on the matter.

Phil does not see the other anti-capitalists within
the movement as forces because they do not subscribe to
your version of Marxist Leninism. Instead, it appears
that he sees them as a lost cause, or opponents–and
thus writes them off.

What is your take Eric?

IV(45)<-  (.)

This unusual drawing (see below) came into my mind when I read the words above.

(click on image to see full size)



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