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► Work to popularize our proposed news service – [FoC.13.07.06]

Posted by Ben Seattle on July 6, 2013

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Hi Art,

I think we have been making good progress with the WITBD study group,
and with our other work, and it is time to give some thought to what
we have learned and our next steps forward.

The whole point of reading WITBD, in my view, is to understand that
the central task which will unite the revolutionary movement will be
the creation of a revolutionary news service.

This is a task for the present time. I am not saying that the two of
us should attempt to create such a news service at this time. If we
were to make such an attempt, we would simply be setting ourselves up
for failure–because such a task will require a critical mass of
energy and consciousness. This is a task for the movement to take up.

What we can do, however, is begin the work to inform the movement
(ie: all the best activists) that this is the task that we believe
will move overthing forward:

(1) will lead to the overcoming of the present isolation of activists
who are currently isolated from one another by geography, ideology
and ignorance, and

(2) will lead to the debates, on a national scale, that are necessary
on the most fundamental questions related to what we are struggling
for and why we are on this earth.

The most logical thing, in my view, would be for us to put together
a short article explaining our thinking and then send it to activists
who we may have the ability to contact. Many (or most) of these
activists have blogs or facebook pages, and we can ask them to post on
their blogs or “like” the fb post or whatever it takes to help the idea
go viral.

We can also ask for feedback, comments, questions and criticism
that may help us make the article better, more all-sided, easier
to understand and, in general, more powerful.

In the process of putting the article together, we can give thought to
which ideas are most important–and how to illustrate these ideas.

I like the idea of explaining that a news service will be useful on
all four of the “decisive fronts” (ie: our goal, independence from s-d,
infrastructure and organization). I created the graphic (see below)
this afternoon to illustrate these 4 decisive areas. I am not sure how
effective the graphic is. One way or another, we may need to create
graphics for the ideas we want to communicate which are most important.
Lenin, as far as I know, never felt compelled to create “theoretical
graphics”, but then I somewhat suspect that he did not have to cut thru
the amount of “distracting clutter” that clogs up thinking in the
movement today.

In order to support discussion on the nature of the news service we
will be proposing, what principles will need to guide it and how it
might acquire the critical mass of talent and dedication it will need
to get started–we can also create a joint blog (ie: you and me and
whoever might join us would be able to create front page posts)
segregated into upper and lower levels. We might use a branch of
the WITBD bb for the lower level–if we want to use a lot of graphics
in what we post–but this would be awkward for others because it would
require learning a new password, etc.

And we can create a YouTube video also. This would be good experience
for us. Anything we create at first will end up looking primative once
we have more skill, of course, but that is how we acquire the skill: we
learn war by waging in war.

Most of all, I suspect, we simply need to talk about this idea with
other activists (if we can find activists with whom we can talk about
this idea). That may help us sort out what ideas are the most
powerful in terms of winning support for the idea of a news service.

I doubt that any of the CVO comrades will be able to help much with
this project in any way other than the way they are doing now (ie: giving
us confidence in our project by demonstrating how naked and shallow are
their reasons for declaring it a “diversion” and so forth). But it is
not enough to show how naked and shallow they are. History will judge
us fools if we confined ourselves to that: activists in the future would
say: “Well then why the hell did they not take matters into their _own_
hands–and try to get the ball rolling?”

That’s how I see it. We have an opportunity, at this time, to act in
such a way that future activists will look at our record and aspire
to act with the same kind of decisive determination that guides our
action today.

So let’s not disappoint them.

All the best,

(Click on graphic below to see full-size)



One Response to “► Work to popularize our proposed news service – [FoC.13.07.06]”

  1. AF said

    Hi Ben, it is difficult to leave a lengthy reply, I would only like to add that such a project must be global cannot just national/local. Analysis of phenomenon must be disseminated in a broad way so that those in the same city can understand as well as those in India. So there will be a need for both kinds of analysis. I would like to see some kind of standardization of reporting. The bourgeoisie uses forms, of which may sound dry to the creative longing of activists, however they are useful for quickly gathering important information and comparing information. For example, a report of a project has everything listed in the same visual order, including summary abstract, failures, lessons learned, detailed report, citations etc. Quality control software and databases moved in this direction

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