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► Why We Need A System of “Lower Blogs” – [FoC.13.05.25]

Posted by Ben Seattle on May 25, 2013

Hi Art,

So I am writing this letter to you in the form of a post
on my lower blog, “Fragments of Comprehension”. I should
explain why I am doing so.

We need to learn the habit of writing in public. If we
cannot learn to do this, there is no point in being part
of the struggle, because we will be useless.

The Vietnamese liberation fighters had a motto that defeating
American imperialism required learning how to build a fire
that did not create smoke. This is something that every
soldier had to learn how to do. Fire was necessary to cook.
Smoke, however, meant discovery and death. I guess it took
a while to learn how to do this, but every soldier learned.

Our situation, of course, is much better in many ways. We
can wake up each morning with the knowledge that we will
likely be alive a year or five or ten or more in the future.
It was not this way, of course, for the liberation fighters.
They understood quite well that they were unlikely to survive
the war.

But our situation, as revolutionaries, in one important way,
is more difficult than that of the Vietnamese liberation
fighters. Their task, in one respect was easier than ours,
because their path forward was more clear and they were
surrounded by social and emotional support and, often on a
daily basis, with reminders of why they fight: visible
evidence of the imperialist war and vivid memories of their
comrades who had died in battle.

We, on the contrary, are relatively isolated and our way
forward is usually not clear at all. We live in a society
where the idea of being a revolutionary activist is
incomprehensible to the overwhelming majority of the
population and the tasks that are decisive are difficult to
even imagine. We are not likely to be killed by bullets.
Rather, it is a kind of invisible bullet that kills us
politically: feelings of frustration and loneliness and a
creeping feeling that the sacrifice we make of our life
energy will not lead to anything more than the movement of
a few molecules in the air.

But, if we pour forth our feelings to one another in a public
way, this will also create problems. We can see (and study)
these problems as they emerge in our WITBD study group. I
consider the CVO, based on the nature of their theoretical
work, to be the “Charlatan Voice Organization”. But if I say
this publicly, they will get upset, and there is a risk that
they may withdraw from our study group, and there is a risk
that you may come to the conclusion that I am failing to
respect their feelings and am being unnecessarily antagonistic.

There are competing principles at play here: we need to share
our experience with one another and we need to learn how to
do it publicly. But doing so is guaranteed to upset everyone,
including people with whom we may want to work. People get
upset because they believe (rightly or wrongly) that we are
damaging their reputation in the eyes of other activists.

That is why we need a system of what I am calling “lower blogs”,
as a kind of blog that is public, but barely so. Here is how
I intend to do this with Fragments of Comprehension.

(1) I will post pretty much what I want to my lower blog.

If and when activists get upset by this–then, as far as I am
concerned, tough shit. I am here for a reason and I really
don’t give a shit about the feelings of those with thin skins
because, frankly, people like that tend to be fucking worthless
to the struggle.

(2) Activists for whom I have a lot of respect and who struggle
to understand their own limitations and to consistently choose
humility over arrogance–will have the right to post to my
lower blog.

This, for example, means that time-wasting, word-twisting
know-it-alls like Greg Butler, Frank Patino and Phil will not
be active on the blog (except, maybe, on a special thread I may
set up for disenfranchized time-wasting idiots who would
otherwise complain that my blog has no place for their golden
words of wisdom).

(3) Friends of the blog (ie: those who can post on the threads)
will agree not to publicly post a link to the blog (or to any
post on it) or to publicly post elsewhere a direct quote from it
without the permission of the author.

What we will do, instead of giving a direct link, is to refer
to posts on this blog by means of a “tag” of the following format:

[FoC.13.05.25] will refer to a post on the blog that was made on
May 25, 2013. In the event that more than one post to the blog
is made on a given day, they will be referenced as:
[FoC.13.05.25-A] or [FoC.13.05.25-B], etc and these reference
“tags” will be part of the title of each post.

(4) By making use of the “rules” listed above, knowledge and
readership of the lower blogs will be greatly reduced. The
only people who will know the name of the lower blog will be
either (a) friends, who we invite or (b) people who may learn
about the blog from someone else or (c) people who make the
effort to look for the lower blog on google. By taking these
measures, we can make it more difficult for activists who are
concerned about their reputation to take offense.

So I am going to give this a try and see how it works.
Currently, we are exchanging private emails and I would like
to experiment with carrying on those exchanges here.

All the best,


One Response to “► Why We Need A System of “Lower Blogs” – [FoC.13.05.25]”

  1. AF said

    Hi Ben, I’m fine if you want to post your response on your blog.

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