Fragments Of Comprehension

(semi-internal) Our consciousness and humility must reflect, refine and redeem every scattered fragment of the material world


This is a “semi-internal” blog created by Ben Seattle as a place to share ideas with his comrades. This blog is open for public inspection by friend and foe alike, but only comrades of Ben Seattle (and activists who would like to become comrades, and who have the ability to post with thoughtfulness, humility, sincerity and respect) will be able to comment here.

Ben maintains a more traditional public blog at The War for Quadrant Two, where his political opponents are welcome to post.

This “semi-internal” site represents an experiment in developing a culture of political transparency.  If we are serious about overthrowing bourgeois rule, we must have places for discussion that where we can talk about what is in our hearts and candidly give our views without providing unnecessary fodder to hot-headed word-twisters who are unable to understand the nature of productive discussion.

Some of the posts here will contain ideas that are of questionable content or which are only half-right or just plain wrong.  In order to defend this site from those who would make accusations that I am using it to promote wrong, stupid, sexist or half-backed ideas, I am asking all friends of this site to refrain from linking here directly in any kind of prominent way.  My intent in making this request is not to keep this site secret–but rather to make a reasonable effort to make clear, to one and all, that what appears here is not anything that may be worth promoting.

— Ben Seattle, Oct 14, 2012 (see below for a more graphical explanation of how this works)


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